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          In a world where we make our best attempt to solve our existential, cultural and global problems, we can only hope that the choices we make impact the world for the better. Furniture, while a small player in life’s game, can significantly impact our quality of life and the lives of our children.

Heirloom furniture brings beauty into your home. Crafted using nature’s artistry, one almost can’t help engaging their senses as they see the various tones and grain patterns, feel the smooth surfaces and smell a cedar drawer bottom. The craftsmen of these pieces labor over every detail and take great pride in their work to bring you something that will delight. As such, the design of these pieces is incredibly important. A quality craftsman births these designs out of relationship with themselves and their world. This encounter is what makes heirloom furniture truly authentic.

Quality rules over quantity in the studio. Factors that influence whether a piece will spend more time filling a landfill or being enjoyed by a family are the parts that make up the whole and how these parts come together. Knockdown type or mass-produced furniture is built with the idea that it will be owned or used for months or perhaps a few years and, as such, utilizes materials and joinery methods that are flimsy and that rack and crumble over time. Quality furniture or heirloom furniture, on the other hand, is built to last decades and generations. It utilizes hardwood lumber and traditional joinery, such as mortise and tenons and dovetails. These two factors, hardwood parts and traditional joinery, make heirloom furniture an enduring furnishing. 

Heirloom furniture is environmentally friendly. Being comprised primarily of hardwood lumber means that we are essentially bringing a slice of nature into our home. If left outside in the elements, these pieces would return to nature because they are organic. Additionally, the traditional joinery of heirloom furniture means that pieces can be repaired if, for example, a chair begins to wobble over time. Mass-produced furniture often pollutes the environment with its inorganic plastics and synthetic materials and so lies in landfills for many years. Rebuying such furniture year after year leads to frustration and diminishes the environment.

While seasons of life and people change, heirloom furniture brings roots and grounding. These pieces are passed down to future generations. Over many years, these pieces become antique and vintage. They share in your family’s story as children grow up and the family comes together. “Remember last thanksgiving when Joey laughed so hard he shot milk out of his nose? We were sitting just here at this table.” Heirloom furniture helps to bring a sense of continuity and longevity to your family.

At SouleWork, these values undergird our work and inform our decisions to bring you lasting pieces using hardwood lumber, traditional joinery, and an authentic design that will continue through the generations.

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